At El Rashidi El Mizan, innovation is our motto.  We are constantly seeking opportunities for innovation; committed to continuously developing new products, creative methods and solutions that allow us to provide our consumers with innovative products that fit their lifestyles.

A prime example of our innovative evolution is the way we took Halawa into new levels. Since its inception, Halawa was initially sold in bulk packed in zinc containers, but our decision to sell the product in branded plastic boxes was one that shaped the industry. Later, aware of the growing trend  of ‘out-of-home’ consumption, we created convenient ‘on-the-go’ Halawa bars individually-wrapped for single consumption. 

Another invention considered first in the history of Halawa, was the introduction, in 2011, of the “Halawa Spread”; a new Halawa in a spreadable format, with the same nutritious values of Halawa,  designed to appeal to younger generation, followed by “Choco Halawa spread ” which became an undisputable innovative indulging range to consumers.